EC-510 Banknote counter

Features & Functions:
• Counting function
• Double-note, chained-note and half-note detection.
• Detects the banknote’s magnetic ink (or magnetic thread)
ultraviolet reaction, width, paper transparency etc.
• Stop with alarm when meets the counterfeit or abnormal
banknote and automatically showing the wrong code
• Automatic counting, batch presetting, adding
• Fully automatically start, clearing, and memory functions

Speed: 1000 notes/min
Hopper capacity: 250 notes
Staker capacity: 250 notes
Power supply: AC230V/50Hz or AC110V/60Hz
Power consumption: <=50 W
Dimension: 27.5(L)X23.5(W)X14.5(H) cm.
Net weight: 6.5 kg