EC-350 Coin counter

This model is our upgraded new model based on EC-330, compared with EC-330, this coin counting machine has following advantages:

1) It can count the coins (especially the large coins that diamter is bigger than 30 mm) more smoothly and fastly when the hopper is full of coins because motorized hopper can control the flux of the coins accordingly, and avoid the jamming in the counting passage;
2) It has bigger hopper;
3) The speed is higher;

Compared with the usual coin counting machine with the motorized hopper in the market, it has the following significant features:

1) When the foreign objects is jammed under the thickness adjusting block, the user can open the side cover and thickness adjusting block to remove the foreign objects easily, without need to remove the all the coins in the hopper.
2) When the foreign objects is heavy jammed in the coin centrifugual disc area (in the hopper which is not achivable by user), the user can open the upper cover and hopper motor assembly to achieve the disc area easily, and this feature is also much helpful for cleaning and daily maintenance!


Counting Speed: 2,500 coins/min. (max)
Hopper Capacity: 18000(max)
Countable coin size: Thickness: 0.7-3.9mm
Diameter: 14-34mm
Max. Counting Display: 999999
Counting Mode: Continuous Counting Mode
Batch Counting Mode
Accumulation Counting Mode
Consumption Power: 70W (during operation)
Power Requirements: AC 110V~121V, 60HZ or AC 220V~242V, 50HZ
Dimensions 363 (W) x 370 (L) x 327 (H) mm
Net Weight: 11kg
Transportation Packing: 2 units/carton
Carton Dimensions: 675x 550 x 340 mm
Gross Weight/carton: 28.5kg