Automated working station of the cashier (WS)

The cash operating unit plays an important role in shops performance. At this place client communicates with the employees of the shop and at the moment of check printing the so-called “face” of the shop is being formed. The cash operating unit passing should be fast and convenient for the client.

Providing adequate service level depends on several factors. It goes without saying that much depends on professionalism of the cashier. But equipment for cash automation and its software plays the key role in this process.

Automation of operations at WS is the important factor that allows to accelerate quality of service and goods realization. In the course of sold goods and/or services calculation, the cash register equipment, which is part of information structure of the enterprise, is used. Cash register equipment is intended for goods registration with the receipt printing. Large trade enterprises need the modern professional equipment which provides continuous trade process, including all peripheral equipment for cash automation:

- Money box;

- System unit;

- Cashier’s monitor;

- Display of the buyer;

- Programmed keyboard;

- Barcode scanner;

- Magnetic card reader etc.

Cash register equipment which is used for cash automation in large distribution networks, includes fiscal printer which consists of the printer, CJ and fiscal memory block. This block provides uncorrectable and nonvolatile long-term storage of information on all cash operations. This data is essential at full cash accounting via cash register equipment in order to calculate taxes correctly. Only a tax officer can get an access to fiscal memory by password entry.

Automation of cashier’s WS must be performed in a way that minimizes mistakes caused by a human factor. For the most effective work of cash operating unit it is necessary to pick up equipment with broad functionality:

- to conduct calculations with clients by cash and non-cash payments;

- to accumulate statistical data;

- to accept (to read out) microprocessor and magnetic cards of clients;

- discount cards.

Cash register equipment which is most alike with PC on its functionality, most of all meets such requirements. It allows to use plastic cards of the shop. That considerably simplifies procedure of calculation and gives an opportunity to receive marketing information (dynamics of purchases, seasonal changes and structure of “product basket”).

Failures in work of cash register equipment are inadmissible, especially in large distribution networks as can significantly influence the revenue of shop, loyalty of clients and sales volume.

According to requirements of the current legislation, only specialized Technical Service Centers, which have been specially accredited on this or that type of cash register equipment, can be engaged in service process.

The contract for maintenance service by the centers of technical support is a compulsive point at delivery of equipment and registration in tax authorities.

Technical Service Centers not only carry out repair of the failed equipment, replacement of fiscal blocks, annual check of cash register equipment on template version correspondence, but also carry out scheduled maintenance on prevention of failures. All works have to be carried out by the experts, trained and certificated by general suppliers of the equipment. They must have documentary confirmation for work with this type of equipment.